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WAYN initially grew through word-of-mouth and reached almost 50,000 members by the end of 2004.

Following its relaunch in May 2005 it reached over 2.5 million members by the end of 2005.

WAYN provides a destination browsing service to discover Where to go next and WAYN members can interact with each other and ask questions on the destinations through a Questions & Answers service.

The site also provides Social Opinions which generated over 25,000 opinions daily in 2014.

Labour recruitment has created a space for himself in 2011 where he also won the awards best niche.

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You will ever know whats going to hapend in life in the future. Not really like that but I think its a site that if you are-going on an vacation somewhere and don't know much about the place you can trouth Wayn start to know someone local person that lives on that part of the city or country to tell you something about it and may bemeat you on the place and chow you around like a friend or then somebody from anywhere that are going were you are so first learn to know eatchothet a litlebit and go there like friends or so to inspect the city or enything you come up to.

Cash Money started off as a independent label back in 1991.A game-changing artist and celebrity, Lil Wayne began his career as a near-novelty -- a preteen delivering hardcore hip-hop -- but through years of maturation and reinventing the mixtape game, he developed into a million-selling rapper with a massive body of work, one so inventive and cunning that it makes his famous claim of being the "best rapper alive" worth considering. and raised in the infamous New Orleans neighborhood of Hollygrove, he was a straight-A student but never felt his true intelligence was expressed through any kind of report card. G.'s name appeared on the cover, the 1995 album True Story has since been accepted as the B.He found music was the best way to express himself, and after taking the name Gangsta D he began writing rhymes. G.'z debut album both by fans and the Cash Money label. That same year, he officially took the moniker Lil Wayne, dropping the "D" from his first name in order to separate himself from an absent father. G., Juvenile, and Young Turk for another Fresh project, the teen hardcore rap group the Hot Boys, who released their debut album, Get It How U Live! Two years later, Cash Money would sign a distribution deal with the major label Universal.On 26 March 2012 the site claimed "over 19.1m members".In 2006, the WAYN Founders managed to complete a Series A Fund Raising of million from DFJ Esprit and attracting famous internet entrepreneurs such as Brent Hoberman (ex founder of, Hugo Burge (CEO of uk), Adrian Critchlow and Andy Phillips (ex founders of Active Hotels) and Constant Tedder (ex CEO of Jagex, an online gaming company) and was referred to at the time as the 'My Space of Travel'. Registered users send and receive messages using email, discussion forums, E-cards, SMS, and instant messages and Q&A.