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With the power of social media and the Internet, activists and animal-rights groups have gained unprecedented influence in shaping peoples’ perceptions and decisions of what to eat. A&W Canada, too, has abandoned its pledge to use eggs from furnished cages – but only after being subjected to an extensive campaign.

As well as being an icon in the world of autism – a condition she lives with – Dr.

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ast September, the world’s biggest burger chain announced that it wants the 120 million eggs used each year in Egg Mc Muffins and other breakfast items in Canada to come exclusively from hens not confined to a cage. And yet, the theory behind the public pressure is that chickens, and all the animals we eat, deserve a better life – and that the best of all possible worlds for them would be one without cages. he day before Mc Donald’s made its announcement, the company called Temple Grandin.

So, it wasn’t surprising for her to receive the call from Mc Donald’s last September – but this time she wasn’t being asked for an opinion.

Perched on a lush green hillside, encircled by miles of heavenly blue sea and sandwiched between two gorgeous white sand beaches is COCOS Hotel, an all inclusive Antigua resort for couples and adults only.

Avant-garde outdoor showers with a view, air conditioning and free WIFI are also included.

Some cottages even come with your own private cliff-side infinity pool.