Sirius radio updating stuck dating affilliate programs

That's our Free Listening program (which I run) and it's a way to get former listeners to check us out again and hopefully resubscribe.Your dealer might have thought your trial was active, but it's a completely different program and doesn't affect your trial.

I think @Jagfirst 's issue is with the system itself.I contacted Sirius and they supposedly reset something and sent a new signal, but it didn't help.They said if that didn't work, I needed to go to the dealer, or it might be an antenna issue.I tried rebooting with Master Reset, but it did not help.So I called my Ford dealer and a helpful service guy advised me to temporarily disconnect the auxiliary battery. In the attached photo, the disconnect point is the one nut to the left, not the two nuts down below. Last week the radio screen said "Sirius update 0%" and nothing Entertainment related worked, including voice commands. That looks like the page I visited when renewing Sirius XM service.