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Nope, just two talented, driven, and strong women meeting in the squared circle to decide wrestling superiority as represented by a championship that commands respect.

Throwing on an old PPV from just a few years back is always a fun way to see how quickly storylines and characters can evolve in WWE, and looking back at the first Payback is a trip: Anyone remember the buildup to this match? In brief: AJ Lee had been dating/seconding World Champ Dolph Ziggler (seriously, that sounds really weird to say in 2016), and had her sights set on the Divas Title, then held by her former bestie, Kaitlyn.

For millennia, people have written stories, sonnets and songs about the fundamental struggle of finding the perfect mate.

Today, technology companies are writing code to help you do just that.

There may be an Iowa Hawkeyes football tailgate of a different kind next weekend in Cedar Rapids. Former Iowa defensive tackle Ettore Ewen, now known professionally as Big E Langston, will be part of the World Wrestling Entertainment show here on Saturday night, June 29. Ross asked Doughty to let him know if any heavyweights in the Iowa program had potential to be a pro wrestler.

Some former Hawkeye players and maybe an assistant coach or two will gather at the U. Im trying to put together a tailgate party, said former Hawkeye linebacker Mike Humpal. Doughty casually mentioned that to Humpal while they were at an NCAA Wrestling Championship in St.