No signal after updating my iphone french dating scene

However, at what appears to be random, the network will disappear (no bars of signal) stopping me making calls and texts, but still allowing me to access the internet.Sometimes, the internet goes, but I can still make calls and texts.The issue is especially widespread on i Phone 4S devices but users having the i Phone 4 and i Phone 5 have also been known to experience the issue.

I currently own iphone 5C and i am still on t-mobile plan so most likely this is causing a problem as my wife phone is fine and she is on a EE plan.

Find My i Phone is a terrific tool for locating lost or stolen i Phones and i Pod touches.

By combining the built-in GPS on those devices with the online services provided by i Cloud, Find My i Phone helps you locate your devices on a map and, if they've been stolen, lock them to keep your information away from prying eyes.

The most ironclad requirement for being able to use Find My i Phone is that both i Cloud and Find My i Phone have to be enabled on the device you need to locate before it's lost or stolen.

If these services aren't on, you won't be able to use the Find My i Phone website or app, since the service won't know what device to look for or how to contact it.