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However, out of the box, the C app updated much more smoothly and didn't flicker madly.

I'll spare you the debugging details -- which include ILDASM, Win Dbg, Spy , two instances of Visual Studio, and tracepoints in x86 assembly while debugging in mixed mode -- but I managed to figure out what was going on.

Hidden enum value (indicates that column header is hidden, including sub-items) * Improved mouse and keyboard selections to behave more like Windows Explorer * Merged Better List View Column Header Style.

/* Generated by Blackbaud App Fx Platform Date: 4/27/2009 PM Assembly Version: Blackbaud. Applications should always explicitly included CHANGEDBYID in any updates to avoid a default change agent id. USP_CHANGEAGENT_GETORCREATECHANGEAGENTFROMCONTEXT @Change Agent ID output IF not update(DATECHANGED) begin -- neither datechanged nor changedbyid were updated, so update both set @Date Changed = Get Date() update dbo.

Bounds Search Highlight property * Fixed Index Of() method on collections to return -1 if an element is not contained in the collection * Fixed case where clickable/sortable/unsortable column is clicked and mouse cursor moves quickly away * Fixed column auto resizing to account for groups and hierarchical items * Fixed not allowing to put duplicate references in Selected Items.

Set(IEnumerable) * Fixed moving mouse cursor over an item that is partially scrolled out so that the text boundaries have negative top coordinate * Fixed Item Activate not raised on slow computers when item is double-clicked and mouse cursor moved quickly away * Added Column Reorder event next to existing Column Reordered event to allow cancelling column reordering * Added keyboard-invoked context menu placements (Context Menu Strip Placement property) * Improved context menu placement: Keyboard-invoked context menu is displayed under the first visible selected item * Improved grid lines appearance * Improved item parts alignment when expand buttons are present * Fixed possible improper behavior on slower computers (or lagging code because of too much drawing etc.) * Fixed item not selected clicked and mouse cursor is immediately moved away * Fixed drag selection commited when item is almost double-clicked (second mouse button release not done) and then mouse is moved before button is released * Fixed Double Click event raised after any amount of time when item is reordered with incomplete double-click (second mouse button release not done) and then other item is clicked * Added FIPS-compliance (improved security and compatibility) * Improved horizontal multi-line text alignment * Improved Samples Explorer * Properties Visible Columns, Visible Groups, Visible Items hidden from Properties window in the Win Forms Designer * Fixed commencing mouse drag selecting on double-click and mouse move in quick succession * Fixed scrolling to parent item vertically when only child item have been selected * Fixed Auto Resize Columns updating just the last column * Fixed column header sort glyph placement when the column is sorted and no items are present in the list * Fixed image border color not changing when Image Border Color layout property changed * Added support for Type Converters when adding custom objects to collections * Improved horizontal scrolling on items within item hierarchy * Fixed reordering item in an empty or collapsed group * Allowed setting Font property to null on column headers, groups, items and sub-items * Fixed cycling between items during keyboard search * Fixed code generation for Search Settings property * Fixed Null Reference Exception when edited sub-item is switched during label editing * Fixed multi-line text wrapping when Better List View Item.

Both were fairly vanilla apps made using the built-in app wizards, the C one containing a dialog with a list view, and the C# one being the same but with a Win Form.

There are three main types of accounts: system accounts, user accounts, and the superuser account.

NET Framework, including Client Profile * Fixed possible Null Reference Exception during clicking on column headers (negative mouse cursor coordinates probably due to mouse movement) * Added 'Search Highlight' feature * Added Search Highlight, Search Highlight Color, Search Highlight Border Color, Search Highlight Text Color properties * Added Better List View Search Options.

Update Search Highlight enum value * Added Better List View Sub Item Bounds.

Old projects that I have successfully shared to a group before in the past won't show any groups to share with as well on v8.13.1.

Navigate to a project ### Summary Trying to search for a group to share a project with yields no results.