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more»Feb 16, 2017Comments: 2Views: 2,693Choosing the right domain name is like choosing a Trademark, it has to be taken seriously because it is a long time image investment.If new g TLDs have brought new options to those in charge of creating a name (precision, availability, novelty) and registering its (their) domain name(s), they also brought the possibility to make a terrible mistake when choosing the right extension for a domain name.We so appreciate it…and by the way I am the world’s worst thank you note sender so forgive me in advance if you get yours in 2014.” And then everyone laughs and confesses how late they are with all their thank you notes too. Some friends won’t understand that you have to plan things around naptimes, and get frustrated with your schedule. I love having a personal blog that enables me to go back and relive the time my 20-month-old demanded grandma crackers and I had no idea what she meant.Some of them will only want to see you when you’re not with your kid, which limits your opportunities. Otherwise, I’m certain those memories would be lost forever. It really does take a village Americans have this unusually strong commitment to independence that makes us feel that unless we do things on our own, we’re not competent–I am guilty as charged at times.Yes, everyone says “sleep when the baby sleeps” and “breastfeeding gets better” and “get used to having puke on your clothes” and blah blah blah.

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It appears in City Pages, a Twin Cities alternative newsweekly, and focuses on Patty Wetterling, whose 11-year-old son Jacob was abducted by a stranger in a small Minnesota town in 1989 and never found.

It was well-intentioned, codifying rules that mandate states monitor and track sex offenders by having them publicly register their addresses.

Parents, guardians, caregivers, and anyone else can access those records online, or by contacting their local sheriff's department, to see where released sex offenders are living in their neighborhoods.

Many participants in the latest ICANN meeting in Copenhagen asked that same question: "when is the next round of the ICANN new g TLD program? If the question came from new g TLD service providers, I also noticed that it was different from "the first round": now the question focuses more on .

BRANDs rather than Generic TLDs dedicated to selling domain names.