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It does this by embedding short “micro-surveys” directly into products, giving the feedback process a gamified feel and generating useful data for companies.Businesses first create their own surveys, before splits them into single multiple choice questions for people to answer.However, we generally find that we need to collect it ourselves.

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Our products support the Windows and Linux based Operating Systems.A quick question, do you think concentration of sulfur should be high enough tomake Mo S2 thin film, as with high sulfur concentration Mo O3 could be reduced to Mo S2 in the atmosphere ?With lower sulfur temperature, I usually get thick rectangular shape Mo-oxide flakes instead of Mo S2 thin film (as shown in figure attached). OVA en el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje, nos proporciona una metodología interactiva, en donde los maestros seleccionan material de calidad (vídeo), que servirá para mantener la atención y concentración; cualidades que posteriormente les permitien a los estudiantes expresar criterios (comentarios), que evaluarán el nivel de análisis y comprensión de la información proporcionada en el vídeo.3.Hi Tanuj, Thanks so much for your kind suggestion ! For the question you asked about pressure of the tube, it's atmospheric pressure with Ar flow ~100 sccm.The furnace is labeled Ozone furnace because other members in our group use the furnace to anneal their thin film sample in ozone environment.