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- Not allow assets to be donated, given, sold or disposed of without proper documentation and approval.Financial Services responsibilities: Financial Services is responsible for setting up the financial control framework for the institution, financial reporting of assets, updating system records, inquiring and evaluating the existence and accuracy of the asset listings and centralized property control system (Banner Fixed Assets) setup.In July 2016, the Fixed Asset Confirmation Tool was introduced to the University community to conduct the annual fixed asset confirmations for FY 2016.In May 2017, we have refreshed the data on the Fixed Asset Confirmation Tool based on the over 3600 confirmation received for FY 2016.RBC is intended to be a minimum regulatory capital standard and not necessarily the full amount of capital that an insurer would want to hold to meet its safety and competitive objectives.In addition, RBC is not designed to be used as a stand-alone tool in determining financial solvency of an insurance company; rather it is one of the tools that give regulators legal authority to take control of an insurance company.

Comparability of data over time and across the countries has been the main priority of developing and updating this database.- Ensure the centralized property control system has accurate and complete information about their assets.- Not allow assets to be transferred off campus without proper documentation and approval.Before RBC was created, regulators used fixed capital standards as a primary tool for monitoring the financial solvency of insurance companies.Under fixed capital standards, owners are required to supply the same minimum amount of capital, regardless of the financial condition of the company.