Dating telecaster pickups

- Our Epic Series 1957 Telecaster Pickups use Original Alloy Magnets.

These magnets are only used in our Epic 1957 model.

Original magnets were sent to an Independent Laboratory for Metallurgical Chemical Anal... - Our Epic Series 1952 Esquire uses Original Alloy Magnets.

Original magnets were sent to an Independent Laboratory for Metallurgical Chemical Analysi...1957 Epic Series Telecaster Pickups with Original Alloy 1957 Magnets.

Month Guarantee Perhaps more than any other, these guitars came to define my heyday as a guitarist.

Pickups - Vintage Electric Guitar Pickups-" /Stratocaster Pickups - Vintage Electric Guitar Pickups- I bought my first one – a ’62 bound-edge Custom Telecaster reissue – in 1985, and at one point in the early 1990s I literally could not get enough of them.

Fender Guitars Serial Numbers Decoder - Guitar Insite When I had enough cash, I’d take a trip down to Denmark Street in London, by train, and buy a new offering from Fender Japan. On some Telecasters at the bridge between the pickup and the.

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- Our Epic Series 1950 Pickups use Original Alloy Magnets.After acquiring my Squier Classic Vibe Tele, I immediately set out to replace the pickups. They made sound, yet weren’t nearly as touch sensitive as the cheetahs. I used a piece of the packing foam to help float the body mounted neck pickup, as the Classic Vibe Telecaster has a 5 hole pickguard with extra holes to mount the pickup to.The stock pickups were not only produced in the same facility as the Tonerider TRT1 Vintage Plus Tele pickup set, but they basically the OEM version of the Toneriders. While this doesn’t exactly make the pickup super adjustable, the foam worked great! Hand wound, slick logo, and vintage waxed wiring made the rewire easy. Anyone who says they don’t buy brand name guitars for the brand name is not telling the truth.These incredibly sensitive pickups did not disappoint. The middle is a great mellowing out of both, naturally. I’d recommend these to any of your telecasters that might have lost their Mojo!The Neck pickup sounds like a Strat The bridge pickup holds a straight up trebly, full spectrum Rock tone. If you are looking for something a little more cost effective, check out the Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pickups, get both the Neck and Bridge pickups!