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Since the bottom in housing in 2010, real estate in the US has been extremely hot, fueled by ultra-low interest rates.

When interest rates and borrowing costs are near zero, that is like cocaine for real estate developers.

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We are analyzing the Nuveen Diversified Real Asset Income Fund (NYSE: DRA), a global real estate-focused strategy.

Since 2010, the Santos administration has continued efforts to open up the economy.

IMN handles all pairings and cannot guarantee that all requests will be met. In this session we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different investment structures in the current tax environment from both the sponsor/GP and end-investor/LP perspectives.The Government of Colombia actively encourages foreign direct investment.In the early 1990s, the country began economic liberalization reforms, which provided for national treatment of foreign investors, lifted controls on remittance of profits and capital, and allowed foreign investment in most sectors.We also examine how alternative investment vehicles may be used to accommodate different types of investors within a real estate fund.Among the discussion points are: In today’s highly competitive market, who has the edge, borrowers or lenders?